HVC – Bakkie

Aren’t CG characters fun? Well, at least this one is. Bakkie was created to promote recycling. He does so in the most adorable way. Too bad he’s not real.
agency: Vechtlust character: Mookx animation: Siebe Janssen composting: Dustin Kershaw

Nelonen – Idents

Series of indents for Finnish broadcaster Nelonen. Shot on locations around Helsinki the Nelonen logo is supposed to illuminate its surroundings. Light rigs were used and replaced by a glowing logo.

production: Cape Rock director: Joan Moreno editor: Roger van Baren compositing: Dustin Kershaw

Tommy Hilfiger – Vendor animation

This animation was created for PVH (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein) to educate their vending partners on how to deal with intellectual property. The difficulty was in creating something without spoken or written language as their partners are located in many different countries, speaking many different languages.

production: Mookx & Dustin Kershaw animation: Mookx & Ruth Taylor storyboard: Dustin Kershaw audio design: Lea Jurida

Audi Q7 – Listen

To match the previous commercial we needed to re-create the location in which it was shot. We didn’t have acces to the original location so the environment you see in this one is created digitally. The car was shot with multiple light setups that were combined and placed into the newly created background.

director: Paul Ruigrok agency: Selmore post-production: De Lodge 3D: Daniël Dugour compositing: Dustin Kershaw grading: Remi Lindenhovius


French directors duo Pierre+Bertrand created this cute little robot for British telecom provider EE. He likes to bounce around and swipe right till his phone is smoking hot. The result is a dynamic and fun commercial voiced by none other than Kevin Bacon.

directors: Pierre+Bertrand agency: Saatchi & Saatchi production: Not To Scale compositing: Dustin Kershaw & Alex Doss

Asus – Modern Birds

Birds usually don’t have arms. Therefore they can’t use tablets… or laptops for that matter. Edward on the other hand had a little help in post-production. We gave him and the other birds in these commercials their arms so they could be productive members of society.

directors: Maarten Boon & Andrew Watson agency: SuperHeroes production: Minivegas post-production: Minivegas

Marktal Rotterdam – Projection

As part of the art piece that decorates the ceiling and walls of the Markthal in Rotterdam several video-projections were made. This one was for the official opening of the building in October 2014. The projections are designed to be an extention of the printed image and blend in seamlessly.

artist: Arno Coenen 3D: Michiel van Iperen sound design: Alex Kloster agency: Mothership visual effects: Dustin Kershaw

Dummie de Mummie

In this children’s movie a young mummy comes back to life after being hit by a bolt of lightning. I was responsible for the majority of the visual effects shots which consisted mainly of the mummy’s ‘awakening’ and the thunderstorm during which it takes place. Lot’s of digital rain and thunderclouds were added too.

director: Pim van Hoeve cinematography: Guido van Gennep production: PVPictures post-production: De Lodge lead compositor: Dustin Kershaw

Under Armour – Seize Glory

Through projection mapping it’s possible to texture 3D objects in Nuke. Combine that with CG elements and a little comp-trickery and you can achieve some pretty cool looking effects. That’s basically the whole point of this web commercial.

director: Maarten Boon agency: We Are Pi production: Minivegas post-production: Minivegas

Laidback Luke – Mufasa

On their way to a gig Laidback Luke and Peking Duk run into strange creatures. This jungle adventure in low-poly style was put together in three weeks total so it could launch together with the single. We had a lot of fun (and stress) making it.

production: Mookx & Dustin Kershaw client: Mixmash Records illustration: Roland MacDonald animation: Niels Jansson & Remi Tjon Ajong compositing & grading: Dustin Kershaw

Markthal Rotterdam – Wall Decoration

This art piece was created to decorate the walls and ceiling of the Markthal in Rotterdam. The image was rendered in 400 separate tiles and was composited using Nuke. No other software was able to handle the sheer amount of data used to create it. The image has a total resolution of 75.000 megapixels, that equates to about 10.000 digital pictures.

artist: Arno Coenen & Iris Roskam 3D: Michiel van Iperen & Frank aan de Stegge agency: Mothership still compositor: Dustin Kershaw

Heineken – The Switch

The funny thing about this commercial for Heineken is that most of what happens is actually real. Well, almost real. We did remove a few wires and added some backdrops and a fishtank. The postproduction was done at Glassworks.

director: Martin Krejci agency: TBWA production: STINK London postproduction: Glassworks

Bavaria – Dress for Victory

Together with the people from Postoffice I worked on filling the stadium in this commercial with a cheering crowd. On top of that we added flags, confetti, flashing lights and football-players.

director: Toon Aerts agency: Selmore production: Czar post-production: Postoffice

Duyvis – Goochelaars

Magicians have a lot of tricks (and rabbits) up their sleeve but sometimes they need a little help in post-production. For this Duyvis-commercial some of the illusions were created digitally to ensure that none of the actors were harmed during this shoot.

director: Diederik Spaargaren agency: DDB Amsterdam production: Bäst visual effects: Dustin Kershaw

Blaudzun – Elephants

In this music video by Mirka Duijn and Nina Spiering for the artist Blaudzun many scenes were inspired by classic French movies. For the color grading we tried to capture the look and feel of these old technicolor movies.

directors: Mirka Duijn & Nina Spiering production: Yellow Submarine grading: Dustin Kershaw

C1000 – Stars of Football

This commercial features well-known football players portrayed as superheroes. We were asked by director Marco Grandia to digitally enhance the actions of the players. In reality there were stunt-dubbles and a bunch of rigs that needed to be removed. I also replaced the head of a stunt-guy with that of Van Wolfswinkel.

director: Marco Grandia agency: Vijf890 production: De Filmwinkel post-production: Darlings/De Grot vfx supervisor: Dustin Kershaw

Albert Heijn – Disney Originals

The idea for this commercial was for Harry, the supermarket-manager, to act out a Disney-like story. He’s trying to open a box that clearly doesn’t want to be opened. As a result he gets squashed and twisted. To create these shots we used a combination of 2D and 3D effects. I was responsible for the main part of the compositing and 2D effects.

director: Yoes Benli agency: TBWA/Neboko production: Caviar post-production: Darlings lead compositor: Dustin Kershaw

Alex Verhaest – Angelo

For this art piece by Alex Verhaest she wanted to deform the face of the actor to give him a surreal, almost alien-like appearance. The head and body were taken from different shots to capture the right emotion. The left-hand image shows the original material of head and body. The right-hand image is a small part of the actual art piece which loops continuously.

artist: Alex Verhaest actor: Angelo Tijssens stylist: Barbara Berends post-production: Dustin Kershaw

Bart Constant – Do Better

This music video for Bart Constant was made by Mirka Duijn and Nina Spiering. They created a circus love story in an Eastern European setting. I was responsible for the colour correction of this movie that was partly shot om 8mm-film.

director: Mirka Duijn producer: Nina Spiering production: Kimmo Films grading: Dustin Kershaw


This short film by Jelmar Hufen was shot in the mostly abandoned Belgian village of Doel. In this surrealistic movie the main character finds a gigantic vending machine with pretty girls inside. The visual effects were created at Postoffice.

director: Jelmar Hufen production: Electric Zoo post-production: Postoffice lead compositor: Dustin Kershaw

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