My name is Dustin Kershaw. I am a visual effects artist and video post-production facilitator based in Amsterdam.

I specialize in creating photorealistic visual effects for film and video which makes me involved in the entire process from concept to creation, including planning, supervising and finishing. To facilitate different kinds of projects, I work with a network of talented 3D artists, compositors, colorists and other specialists.

I have worked on a wide variety of productions such as TV commercials, short films, feature films, video art and music videos.

Working as an independent entrepreneur, I feel personally involved in every project I take on. My goal is to provide the highest quality solution within the available budget.

Both as an employee and as a freelancer I have worked for several post-production facilities such as AVP, Postoffice, Darlings, Glassworks and Minivegas. I studied Image and Media Technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

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